What are the different types of tattoo styles?

Tattoo styles can be broadly categorised into two main groups: decorative and symbolic. Decorative tattoos are typically composed of designs that are aesthetically pleasing, such as floral patterns or geometric shapes. Symbolic tattoos, on the other hand, often express a certain meaning or idea. When it comes to finding a tattoo studio near me, the most important thing to consider is the artist.

  • Traditional tattoos, also known as “old school tattoos,” are among the oldest and most iconic styles of tattooing. These designs are characterised by bold outlines, bright colors, and subject matter that often includes images of animals, flowers, and symbols. Traditional tattoos can range from simple to complex, and they often reflect the artist’s personal style.
  • Japanese tattoos, or irezumi, are a type of traditional tattoo that is distinctive in its own right. These designs often incorporate religious and mythological motifs, such as dragons, tigers, and koi fish, as well as intricate patterns like kamon (family crests). Japanese tattoos typically feature bold lines and subtle shading, and they are often quite large in size.
  • Blackwork tattoos are a type of tattoo that is characterised by the use of solid black ink. These tattoos are often used to create bold outlines and patterns, as well as to emphasise certain areas of the body. Blackwork tattoos can be abstract or representational, and they are often complemented with other tattoo styles, such as neo-traditional or watercolor.
  • Neo-traditional tattoos are a modern twist on the classic traditional style. These tattoos typically feature bold outlines and bright colors, as well as subject matter that often includes animals, flowers, and symbols. Neo-traditional tattoos often have a whimsical or cartoon-like vibe, and they can be used to create complex and eye-catching designs.


  • Watercolor tattoos are a relatively new style of tattooing that uses soft, muted colours and less heavy outlines. These tattoos often have a dreamy, ethereal quality, and they are usually quite large in size. Watercolor tattoos can be used to create abstract designs as well as representational images, such as animals and landscapes.
  • Geometric tattoos are a type of tattoo that uses shapes and patterns to create eye-catching designs. These tattoos often feature bold lines and intricate patterns, and they can incorporate a variety of different elements, such as mandalas and sacred geometry. Geometric tattoos are often quite colorful and can be used to create abstract as well as representational images.

Therefore, when looking for a tattoo studio near me, it’s important to consider the atmosphere and professionalism of the shop.

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