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Luxury vinyl flooring is considered by many to be the perfect blend of style and function. Today’s style from top manufacturers has never been so beautiful and authentic. In many cases, luxury vinyl planks offer a more robust and more durable floor than other options like hardwood and laminate, especially when dealing with scratches and dents. If you are one of the many consumers considering luxury vinyl planks that look like wood, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing your flooring. You can get the best choices from luxury vinyl flooring in Yuma, AZ.

Price and installation:

Not all luxury vinyl flooring is created equal. There are many differences in construction styles between significant manufacturers. Support systems may vary between brands. Some luxury vinyl plank floors have residential warranties, and others have commercial securities.

Prices can vary greatly depending on style and brand. If your budget is limited and you must buy a lower-end luxury vinyl. Just ensure your price is appropriate for the thickness and wear layer of the product you are looking at.

Luxury vinyl planks have two basic installation methods. The method mainly uses spreading adhesive. This is the most common type of application and should be done by someone. The other type of installation is the self-adhesive type. Peel and stick is a lower quality vinyl and will almost always show up and usually needs to be replaced quickly. The peel-and-stick type sticks directly to the floor. These luxury vinyl planks typically have one edge on both sides and a concave edge on the other two glued at the factory. There are several finishes available in luxurious wood-looking vinyl planks. A smooth finish is something most consumers are familiar with.


So, if you’re looking for the look of wood or stone but are on a tight budget or need the practicality offered by vinyl,¬†luxury vinyl flooring in Yuma, AZ, is a great choice. With so many styles to choose from with high-quality finishes, you’ll have no trouble finding one that’s right for your scheme.

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