The Various Methods Can be Used to Boost the Testosterone Levels.

Testosterone Levels

Erectile dysfunction is one of the issues that male has and because of this, they face a lot of issue Because of this.  This function is directly related to testosterone hormone production. Testosterone is one of the hormones that produce more in men and less in women. This hormone is caused for male activities and characteristics. The production needs to be proper in the body and if it gets disturbed then the particular one may face health consequences. Because it is directly related to bone strength, muscle mass, and also for physical health conditions. Yes, erectile dysfunction majorly depends on this hormone hence for a proper reproduction system this should be produced at the normal level. But most of the time people face issues with balanced hormone production. Yes, the production of hormones will be disturbed and will be at a low level. But the low level is not desired one and this need to be sorted out immediately once noticed. This can be sorted out by a suitable supplement. And those represent the therapy, pills, and applying the gels. These are acting as Testosterone booster for erectile disfunction and other functions. Let us see about those briefly in this article.

Replace Therapy: This is one of the methods to get the required testosterone. In this therapy, the hormone will be replaced by removing the low-production or not functioning hormone through medical treatment. This is another way called androgen therapy.

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Injection method: In this way, the testosterone biological compounds will be injected into the body and usually it is testosterone cypionate and aveed. But it has to take in a periodic way and in general it between two to four weeks.

Transdermal: In this way, the people will apply the Androderm and gels on the skin directly.

  • This Andoderm will be in various doses and usually in 2, 2.5, 4, and 5 mg of testosterone. Though low doses are available it is recommended to start with the 4 mg testosterone. Patch of this Androderm can be applied in various places of the male body such as the abdomen, upper arms or in thighs. But the need to apply on dry and clean skin.
  • The gel also existed in different concentrations and is 1 and 1.62 percent. In case the beginners start with 1 percent then they have to use a minimum of fifty milligrams per day. Actually, this is not a standard procedure where the amount of gel applied may vary based on the hormone level of the male body.

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