Treatment of colon cancer in different stages


The treatment of colon cancer varied at each stage. People with colon cancer usually undergo surgery as the basic treatment. colorectal cancer screening in Singapore offers different treatments at each stage to cure the patient of the disease.

Stage 0

As colon cancer is at the initial stage, it is not grown beyond the inner lining of the colon. To take down the cancer cell, treatments are done not by surgery. It is done by removing the polyp cancer cells with the help of a colonoscope. If the removing part of the colon is too big, then it needs to be done by using local excision.

Stage 1

In this stage, the colon is grown deeper into the layer of the colon wall. But the colon cancer cell is not spread outside the colon wall. This stage is a part of the polyp, in this stage, if the polyp is completely removed, there will be no cancer cells at the edge of the removed piece. The patient doesn’t need any other further treatment. In any case, if the cancer cell is at the edge of the polyp; additional surgery is required to remove the cancer cells.

It’s harder to find the cancer cells at the edges of the polyp if it is not removed completely or removed into many pieces. Choose the right treatment center to remove it completely without any risk. For this, colorectal cancer screening in Singapore is the best treatment center to provide treatment for all stages of colon cancer.


Stage 2

In stage 2 the cancer cells grow through the wall and nearby tissues of the colon but not to the lymph nodes in this stage. Treatment for this stage is to undergo surgery for the removal of colon cancer cells along with the lymph nodes if needed as a risk of the comeback of cancer in a certain factor.

Stage 3

Stage 3 colon cancer spreads to the lymph nodes but does not spread to other body parts. It can also be removed by surgery using customized equipment based on age and health needs.

Stage 4

At stage 4 colon cancer spreads all over the liver and other body parts. It can’t be cured completely, if the spread is at the starting stage, it can be controlled by surgery.

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