Why choose a wallet with RFID protection

airtag wallet

A shielded wallet looks and functions like a regular wallet. Inside you can keep cash, cards and documents. The only difference between a regular wallet and a shielded one is in the materials used.

The metal layer inserted inside the wallet structure blocks the radio frequencies which are used for the connection between the card and the reader or which are used to authorize the mobile phone to make payments with the NFC system. This means that the cards are insulated until they are in your pocket or purse. To authorize a payment or to show one’s identity, the holder must take them out and use them knowingly airtag wallet.

airtag wallet

The best shielded wallets

There are dozens of shielded wallet models on the market, from the most minimal to the most elaborate. Prices start at around 10 euros for the essential models, which allow you to carry the main cards and some banknotes, up to around 80 euros for the most complete wallets, with compartments dedicated to banknotes, pockets for coins and space for enough to store prepaid and credit cards, loyalty cards, documents, tickets, etc.

In the case of virtual cards, then, you can close your transactions by simply bringing your smartphone close. A practical and fast system, with many advantages, but which has encountered problems in terms of privacy and above all security, as it is subject to scams by malicious people.

However , there is a highly secure way to defend yourself from these scams: it is the use of a shielded Wallet, with RFID protection.

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